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Criminal Matters

"You have 10 days to respond to the Court and enter a plea. Depending on the severity of the charge you, should consult a lawyer before responding, as it could have lasting implications on the progression of your case."

"The Preliminary Hearing is a Defendant's best chance to either have the charges dismissed or shape the charges in such a way that can guarantee to put a Defendant in the best position to prevail at trial. The Preliminary Hearing is the first substantive proceeding regarding the charges, and having a lawyer present allows your lawyer to work with the police and/or prosecution at an early stage toward the best resolution of your case.".

"You should approach the defense of your criminal case as if it will end up in front of a Judge or Jury for a formal trial. So, it is vitally important to make sure your attorney has experience in standing before a Jury and/or a Judge(misdemeanor cases) in pleading a criminal case. As a former Assistant District Attorney and now as a defense attorney, Lane M. Turturice has handled thousands of criminal cases and tried multiple jury trials to verdict. As a prosecutor, Lane had a 98 percent rate of conviction."

Tax Assessment Appeals

"The best indicator of whether you should file an appeal is your own opinion of the value of your home. If you sold your house, what do you think you are likely to sell it for (not what you would like to sell it for)? Answer that in relation to the value the county has placed on your real estate."

"If it is a new assessment, you must file an appeal within 40 days from the date of the new assessment. In all other years, an appeal must be filed by September 1st of each year, and you can file an appeal each year if you so desire."

"Not in all cases, but it is always wise to consult a lawyer before making that decision. Have a free consultation with one of our lawyers before making your final decision. As a former county solicitor for the Washington County Department of Revenue, Lane M. Turturice handled hundreds of tax claim and assessment cases. He is also formerly represented the Peters Township School District in all of its tax assessment litigation. You pay no fees unless we save you money on your tax bill".

DUI, License Suspensions, and Revocations

"Admission into the ARD Program is not guaranteed. The District Attorney has the absolute discretion whether to admit any Defendant into the ARD Program. Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer to help you through your DUI will increase your chances of admission into the program."

"Pennsylvania has a tiered system depending on a Defendant’s BAC or blood alcohol level. The tiers are as follows: .08%; .10%; .15%; or .159 % or higher."

"You must apply for restoration of your license and pay the applicable restoration fee. You will not get your license back without paying the restoration fee. There are no exceptions."

Civil Litigation

"Civil litigation generally involves any legal dispute where you are seeking monetary damages for a harm that someone or corporation has perpetrated on you. Where monetary damages cannot solely fix the harm that has been, the Courts have the power to issue orders to curtail a persona or corporation's behaviors or actions to prohibit further harm. Having an experienced lawyer who can help you select the appropriate remedy is key."

Real Estate Transactions

"It is up to the Buyer to choose who closes the transaction for them. If you are working with a mortgage company, and you want your lawyer to handle the transaction, tell the mortgage company up front, and it will generally honor your wishes."

"The Buyer is typically responsible for all costs associated with the title search and title insurance or certification, cost of the preparation of the agreement of sale if it is a private sale; Dye Test, if required by the municipality, a recording fee for the deed, half of the transfer tax, depending on your Agreement, and a reasonable settlement fee charged by the closing attorney."

"No, you do not. Any legal owner of real estate purchased at a county tax sale holds legal title to the real estate, but they do not hold good and marketable title to the real estate. Additional steps and possibly legal action is needed to clear the cloud on the title before you could ever sell likely mortgage the real estate."

Family Law

"Our is a full service general practice law firm. We do so much more than just family law. While we are as versed and experienced at family law as any lawyer that solely concentrates on family law, our firm has many other types of cases to work on. So, when your family law case is inactive or nothing is pending, our firm does not need to fan the flames of your family law problem in order to remain operational. We will fight for you when we have to and when you tell us to fight."

"Depending on the age of the child, the answer to that question is generally always going to be no. The parents must remain the parents and co-parent the child together without allowing the child to feel in control. In that case, you should consult our firm, as it might be appropriate to obtain a court order to prevent the offending parent from further alienating you from your child."

"Unless we are filing a Modification of Custody for you inside of 1 year from the date of the last Order and from the date that you last took the class, you are required to retake the class. There is no exception unless a Judge issues an order otherwise."

Municipal and School Law

"First, depending on the circumstances, you should fight it to insure that your child remains in school, as long as they are not a danger to themselves or others. School districts have a tendency to employ litmus tests for weapon offenses and automatically recommend a 1 year expulsion. However, it is unconstitutional for a school district to employ such a policy. School districts evaluate every weapon in school matter on a case by case basis and then decide the appropriate punishment.”

"Make an appointment to see us to evaluate your case. Put our nearly 20 years of experience in representing municipal entities to work for you. It is very possible the municipality does not have the right to require you to stop using your property as you have been for the last 10 years."

Corporate Law & Business Formation

"We need the names, addresses, and social security numbers of all incorporators or organizers of the business together with the name and principal address of the business. You should also decide who will serve as the officers or managers of the day to day affairs of the business."

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Guardianships, and Estate Administration

"A Power of Attorney is a legal document signed by an individual giving another individual or corporation the power to stand in the place of the individual who made the POA so as to permit them to all things that could otherwise be done by that individual. A Guardianship is the result of a court hearing before a Judge about an incapacitated person than cannot make his or her own decisions, and someone must be appointed to exercise all the powers of the incapacitated individual that could otherwise be granted to someone through a valid POA. The difference between the cost of a POA and a Guardianship is significant. It is always cheaper to have a Power of Attorney drafted than to wait and force a family member or friend to spend a large sum of money to obtain a Guardianship."